Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here’s where to find the answers to our most common questions regarding scheduling, insurances, appointment scheduling and more!

I was a patient at the provider’s previous practice, do I need to sign up as a new patient again?

Yes, you are considered “new to the practice” for policies and procedures but not “new to the provider” for insurance purposes. InspireIM is unaffiliated with the provider’s previous employer. We are asking all patients to schedule a new patient visit to establish care and update medical records. This initial appointment can be done virtually.

I was a previous patient, how do I have my records transferred to this practice?

If you are a previous patient of one of our physicians from a previous practice, we have a basic chart for you already in the system! However, we will still need your signed written consent to access the information or request additional information from other providers.

Once the HIPAA AUTHORIZATION TO RELEASE PATIENT INFORMATION has been completed, it should be faxed or mailed to our office.

Our office information is:

Broadneck Medical Center
277 Peninsula Farm Rd
Building 3, Suite I
Arnold, MD 21012
Ph: 410.989.8833
‬Fax: 410.975.5641

Can I have an annual physical or wellness exam on my first visit?

InspireIM will not be performing annual physicals, Medicare wellness exams or Well Woman exams during the initial visit. It is highly recommended that you schedule your initial visit before your yearly exams are due. Establishing care will ensure that everything we need is in our system and that our providers have all the information needed to take over your care.

This initial visit can be done virtually.

I don’t need to make an appointment right now. Can I just register as a patient so that if I get sick, I’m already a patient in your system?

We are encouraging all patients to schedule at least an initial telemedicine appointment. The first visit at a new practice can be quite extensive and involves a lot of administrative work for both the providers and staff. As a result, as mentioned above it is not possible to do yearly exams and a patient’s initial appointment at the same visit.

During the initial appointment you will:
– Establish care with InspireIM and ensure accuracy of your past medical history/surgical history/family history and more
– Meet with your provider establish a baseline and update any changes to your medical history if you’ve seen them before
– Request new prescriptions and/or refill ongoing medications if needed
– Initiate a medical record transfer

What if I need care after hours?

In case of a life threatening emergency, call 911.

If you call our office after normal business hours, you will have the option to page an on-call provider. ​

Alternatively, if you need immediate assistance after hours you can reach Privia’s Care Advice Line at (877) 977-4842 to speak to a dedicated on-call nurse.

 If after hours care is not available, please visit your nearest urgent care center and request a copy of any test results to be faxed to our office at  (410) 975-5641.  

What insurance plans do you accept?

InspireIM accepts most major insurance plans including Medicare. You can find a complete up-to-date list at

What if I have a question about my medical bill?

Please call the Patient Support Line at ‭(888) 774-8428‬ if you have a question about your bill during normal weekday business hours 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

How do I get my prescriptions refilled?

The quickest way to get your prescriptions refilled is to place a request through the online patient portal which can be accessed through our website at     

You can also call your pharmacy to have a request sent directly to our office. 

Please keep in mind that prescription medications require routine follow-up care to ensure your safety.   If you have not been seen in the office recently, you may be asked to schedule an appointment prior to having your prescription refill approved.

Per office policy, controlled prescriptions will not be refilled without an appointment. 

How do I know if nutritional counseling is covered by my insurance?

Prior to scheduling a consult with our nutritionist, you should call member services on the back of your insurance card to verify your benefits. You will need to complete and return this form prior to scheduling your initial appointment with our nutritionist, Mary Doerschner, RD.